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My Mum’s Visit to Manchester


Bringing my Mum to uni wasn’t what I expected. Previous visits to my elder sister’s university in Brighton seemed a much more civilised encounter, with a visit to the Pavilion and eating delicious vegetarian food being the highlights of the trip...read more

The Family Trip to Greece…Almost


My mum posed a somewhat peculiar question to me a couple of months ago. She asked if I wanted to follow my brother John on his school trip to Greece to see the sites.  At the time I wasn’t completely listening to what she said so I half-heartedly said “yes” without quite knowing what I was getting myself into…read more

Wilderness Festival

Wilderness Festival, about half an hour from Oxford, is home to the ‘middle class’ festival goer. Bell tents and mattresses outweigh pop up tents and sleeping bags, lush green meadows contrast with muddy brown bogs...read more

 My Brother’s Visit to Manchester

You would think my brother’s visit up North would be much more eventful than my mothers, wouldn’t you? Well, you would be wrong. It was as if God had it in for me the weekend my brother came to stay, like he was saying haha you can’t have it both ways…read more

Mallorca 2019 with Bagshot, Mr Bean and Bridget Jones

mallorca cala deia

Hello Ladies and Gents, it’s indeed another story of a holiday with my parents. This time, however, my friend Eve and I are the ones to brave the adventure. We meet Mum and Dad at Palma airport, and after a ten minute call with my mother in which neither party has any idea where the other is, Mum appears…read more


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Graduating from Manchester University was a rather bitter-sweet experience, since I can no longer be approached by strangers about my wild night out with my Mum. Even though in Dorset, echoes of that crazy time still follow me around, graduation marked the end of a three year chapter of my life, and with ups and downs all over the place I was sad to say goodbye…read more

Should You Judge a Book by its Cover?

20190814_090356 (1)

How on earth does one ever choose a book? It has always been a mystery to me- should you judge a book by its cover, as most people do? Or should you take some time out to sit in the comfort of a book shop, surrounded by the smell of fresh ink and paper, and read a couple of pages before you decide?...read more

I Take Back What I Said About My Family…

beach croatia

Although I said Mallorca would be the last blog about my family, I don’t think I can promise that…they are just too funny. Croatia, September 2019! Me, Mum and Lily arrive at the airport car park to find Dad, briefcase hitched uncomfortably over his shoulder, waving at us with bulging eyes almost popping out of his head...read more

 William Boyd’s ‘Sweet Caress’ (Spoiler Alert!)

Academy of Ideas | Events | Sweet Caress by William Boyd

My recent venture through the rollercoaster life of Amory Clay in William Boyd’s novel Sweet Caress was- I have to admit- quite emotional as I lay in bed and turned over the final page. I was surprised about how this had book turned out...read more

 Sri Lanka Part One

A month away had been on the back burner for a while, and after the joy of being free from uni wore off and the blues kicked in, it was time to take action. Eve had been hinting at a joint trip and it seemed like the time had come to get out of England for a while. Sri lanka was calling…read more

 Sri Lanka Part Two

Weligama, the peaceful and relaxed surf town next door was a huge contrast to our disorderly Mirissan entry into Sri Lanka. The beach was a stones throw away from civilisation, perfect for our 6 AM mornings. Surf shacks were dotted along the beach and the friendly Sri Lankan’s with their free flowing locks were incredibly clever at tempting us to rent their surf boards…read more


Sri Lanka Part Three

ella view 2

The bumpy trip to Ella was, I think, the scariest experience of the trip. All was going well, but after three incredibly long bus journeys our luck was about to run out. Somehow, we ended up in a tuk- tuk for the last leg of the journey, rain pelting down with no wind screen wipers; and obviously no clue where we were going, helplessly leaving our lives in the hands of our driver…read more


Life in Lockdown


As I eat my lunch, I’m reflecting on what on earth has happened these last few months. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears I had just started a new glossy PR job in London, but one week in, everyone was asked to work from home. Saying rushed goodbyes I whisked myself off to Dorset to escape house arrest, a much more desirable getaway than the claustrophobia I imagined London would become…read more